Gettysburg National Military Park receives lock of Lincoln’s hair

From The Washington Post:

On April 15, 1865, as surgeons in the White House conducted the autopsy on Abraham Lincoln’s body, the dead president’s widow, Mary Todd Lincoln, sent in a messenger requesting a lock of her husband’s hair.

The president’s physician, Robert K. Stone, reached over and clipped a lock from a spot near the head wound that had killed the chief executive and gave it to the messenger. Others in the room made the same request, and other locks were clipped, according to historical accounts.

On Wednesday, one of those specimens — which had been kept in a bank vault for almost a quarter-century — was donated by its owner to Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania.

The small sheaf of hair is framed along with a faded, stained, handwritten note stating that it was given by Stone to the Baltimore businessman and philanthropist Enoch Pratt.

“This is one of those special objects that gives you the chills when you see it,” said park superintendent Bob Kirby, according to a park statement.

He said it will become part of the collection in the new, state-of-the-art Gettysburg museum later this year.

LMU’s Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum has a similar item which was on display for many years; it’s now housed in one of the building’s vaults.



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2 responses to “Gettysburg National Military Park receives lock of Lincoln’s hair

  1. Charles Hubbard

    Does the museum at LMU have a lock of hair from one of the Lincoln Children? How good is the provaniance on the one LMU has?

  2. Michael Lynch

    I think LMU has a lock of Willie Lincoln’s hair as well as a lock of Lincoln’s, and possibly a lock of Mary Todd Lincoln’s hair. I’m not sure about the exact provenance of these items.


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