Americans like Lincoln almost as much as they like themselves

From Public Policy Polling:

A few weeks ago, PPP found that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the most popular person in any realm on which the company had ever polled. 89% of Wisconsin voters had a favorable impression of him, and only 4% an unfavorable one. In an endeavor to find someone more beloved, PPP asked all American voters about several public figures and someone much more private. Of ten names, the only ones to best Rodgers are Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, and poll respondents themselves.

Only 1% of Americans see themselves unfavorably, and 93% have a positive view. The second most esteemed is President Lincoln, of whom 91% are favorably disposed and 2% unfavorably. Then Jesus, with a 90-3 mark. Also very popular are the first president, George Washington (86-3), and Mother Teresa of Calcutta (83-5). Way behind but still very well-liked are Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (74-10), Mahatma Gandhi (64-9), Santa Claus (67-13), Nelson Mandela (64-10), and Steve Jobs (62-10).


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