Lincoln and Lamon coming to the screen

Spielberg’s film isn’t the only Lincoln project headed to the screen this fall.  Saving Lincoln will tell the story of the 16th President’s relationship with Ward Hill Lamon, a fellow Illinois lawyer who became Lincoln’s self-appointed bodyguard.  The filmmakers are using an interesting technique to combine live actors with original nineteenth-century photographic backgrounds.  You can learn more about the movie by visiting the official website.

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  1. Greetings! I am the screenwriter of “Saving Lincoln.” As a lifelong Lincoln buff, I am excited to learn about your Institute.

    “Saving Lincoln” is narrated by Ward Hill Lamon, the only person besides family that Lincoln brought to Washington with him. Lamon spent most days with Lincoln, and at night was known to curl up outside Lincoln’s bedroom surrounded by pistols and bowie knives.

    Please check out our Facebook page. We post updates on the movie as well as miscellaneous interesting information and photos about Lincoln and the Civil War. Every Thursday is “They Shall Not Be Forgotten” Day, when we post photos of CIvil War soldiers and their graves.

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