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TV personalities trade verbal jabs over Lincoln’s legacy

Lincoln’s name came up in a verbal skirmish between two national TV hosts this week.  MSNBC’s Chris Hayes took aim at Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday, tweeting that the Great Emancipator “would have hated” the controversial Fox News personality who co-wrote a popular book on Lincoln’s assassination.  O’Reilly responded by referring to Hayes as a “low-rated” host, claiming that “what President Lincoln really despised was desperation.”

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150 years ago, Lincoln responded to his critics

On this date in 1863, Abraham Lincoln wrote a lengthy letter to James C. Conkling, intended to be read at a public meeting of Union supporters in Springfield.  Although the letter was sent to his allies, Lincoln addressed his words to critics of his war policies, particularly emancipation.

You can read the entire letter by clicking here.  Historian Louis Masur reflects on the letter’s text and public reactions to it here.

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Diane Kruger on her forthcoming Lincoln film

Diane Kruger plays Lincoln’s stepmother, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, in the forthcoming movie The Green Blade Rises. Here’s how she described the film in a recent interview:

There is a historical story to it. It’s very little dialogue but it’s very much, maybe also because it’s black and white, there’s very much this sense of the harsh times back then and how this young boy was so different in his family and how his father didn’t really quite know how to handle a boy that wanted to learn. They were farmers. He did not believe in education. He didn’t read himself or write himself, so he was initially very upset with his son for not being a tough farmboy. He was so different. What’s beautiful about that movie is it’s Abraham Lincoln’s story, but it could be any boy’s story who gets pushed in the right direction.

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Lincoln’s presidential influences

Most people don’t think of Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore as among the more influential presidents, but Michael Gerhardt explains how they inspired Lincoln in an interview clip at the OUP blog.  Gerhardt is the author of The Forgotten Presidents: Their Untold Constitutional Legacy.

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Access the Lincoln Herald online

Readers and researchers can now access back issues of The Lincoln Herald online, thanks to an ongoing archival effort at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum of Lincoln Memorial University.  Some of the most recent issues have been uploaded, and are available by clicking here or at the “Publications” tab on the museum’s website.

The Herald is a publication of Lincoln Memorial University and is the longest-running journal devoted to the study of Abraham Lincoln.

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Letter to Lincoln from a black soldier’s mother

Tera Hunter spotlights a plea from a black soldier’s mother, one of countless personal petitions Lincoln received during the Civil War.

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