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“He has proven himself a most remarkable man”

In late 1863 a newspaper in Lincoln’s home state of Illinois endorsed him as a candidate for re-election, stating, “Mr. Lincoln has done well – much better than any man in the country could have done under the circumstances. He has proven himself a most remarkable man, who sincerely desires the peace and happiness of the people.”  The paper just republished this endorsement from 150 years ago; you can read the entire article by clicking here.

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Merry Christmas

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December 24, 2013 · 11:22 am

Trilogy of Lincoln books forthcoming from former Clinton aide

Sidney Blumenthal, a former presidential aide to Bill Clinton, has written a three-volume biography of Lincoln to be published by Simon & Schuster.  The first volume will be released in 2015.

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Ford’s Theatre will host new exhibit from LMU’s Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum

The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum (ALLM) will display a new exhibit “Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of War” at the Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership in Washington, D.C. Curated by Steven Wilson, ALLM curator and assistant director, the exhibit investigates the significance of inventions and new machines in the Civil War.

Included in the exhibit are artifacts from the B&O Railroad Museum, the Kentucky Military History Museum, the National Firearms Museum, the Center for Northern Indiana History, the Tennessee State Museum and the Vicksburg National Military Park-U.S.S. Cairo. Some rare items from the collection of the ALLM are a Greene bolt-action breech-loading rifle, Captain John Worden’s speaking trumpet and a collection of carte de visite photographs.

“Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of War” will open to the public on February 14, 2014.  The exhibit will remain on display through July 6, 2014. Admission is included with regular daytime visit tickets to Ford’s Theatre, which is free but requires timed entry tickets. Tickets may be reserved in person at Ford’s Theatre Box Office, through Ticketmaster at 800.982.2787, or online at

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Was Lincoln’s 10 Percent Plan a radical proposal?

Most commentators consider Lincoln’s “10 Percent Plan” for bringing the rebellious states back into the Union to be mild and conciliatory.  But in an essay for the ongoing Civil War series at The New York Times, Richard Striner argues that the plan’s true implications were quite radical indeed, because it restricted the franchise to Southerners willing to support Lincoln’s emancipation policy.

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Stewart: Lincoln and Mandela “combined exceptional generosity of spirit with gritty political skills”

In a column on the leadership and legacy of Nelson Mandela, Canadian journalist Brian Stewart compares the late South African leader to Abraham Lincoln:

Not for nothing has he been called the “Lincoln of Africa” and likened to the most revered president in U.S. history.

But we shouldn’t overlook the fact that both leaders combined exceptional generosity of spirit with gritty political skills.

They were able to summon forth the better angels of human nature without ever losing sight of the flawed and power-obsessed character of so many of those they had to convince and lead through desperate times.

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Could modern medicine have saved Lincoln’s life?

Maybe so, according to Philip Mackowiak’s fascinating piece of speculation in The Atlantic.  “Optimal management combining early mobilization, a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, and early aggressive rehabilitation might have saved Lincoln,” he writes.  “However, it could not have restored his neurological function to normal.  At best, he would have been left with several permanent neurological deficits,” such as lack of impulse control, partial paralysis, and problems with speaking and writing.

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