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Sneak peek at the next Lincoln movie

We’ve posted a couple of updates (here and here) on an upcoming film about Lincoln’s boyhood, produced by Terrence Malick and directed by A.J. Edwards.  Originally titled The Green Blade Rises, the movie is now The Better Angels, and it’s playing this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival.

In this clip, Lincoln’s teacher (played by Wes Bentley) talks to Sarah Lincoln (Diane Kruger) about her stepson’s future:

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Diane Kruger on her forthcoming Lincoln film

Diane Kruger plays Lincoln’s stepmother, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, in the forthcoming movie The Green Blade Rises. Here’s how she described the film in a recent interview:

There is a historical story to it. It’s very little dialogue but it’s very much, maybe also because it’s black and white, there’s very much this sense of the harsh times back then and how this young boy was so different in his family and how his father didn’t really quite know how to handle a boy that wanted to learn. They were farmers. He did not believe in education. He didn’t read himself or write himself, so he was initially very upset with his son for not being a tough farmboy. He was so different. What’s beautiful about that movie is it’s Abraham Lincoln’s story, but it could be any boy’s story who gets pushed in the right direction.

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Lincoln movie updates

Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited Lincoln movie finally has a release date.  It will open in select theaters on November 9th and in theaters everywhere one week later.

Spielberg isn’t the only filmmaker who’s working on a Lincoln project.  Acclaimed director Terrence Malick is producing a film about Lincoln’s early years.  Diane Kruger broke the news when she told an interviewer that she’ll be playing Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln.

Finally, a television film based on the book Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard is in the works.  Produced by the same filmmakers who made last year’s Emmy-winning documentary Gettysburg, it will star Billy Campbell as Lincoln and will air on the National Geographic Channel in 2013.


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