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An ironclad anniversary

Today is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads, in which the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia became the first ironclad warships to meet in combat.  Although Harrogate, TN is a long way from the sea, the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum does have an interesting claim on the legacy of this battle.  The vault holds a substantial collection of papers and artifacts that once belonged to John Worden, who was in command of the Monitor during the engagement.

Worden himself was wounded during the clash with the Virginia when a shell struck the pilot house, partially blinding him.  Lincoln received a report of the battle during a cabinet meeting on March 10, and then went to visit Worden while the injured officer lay convalescing with his face wrapped in bandages.

You can learn more about the museum’s Worden collection by clicking here.

Battle of Hampton Roads, from a painting by J.O. Davidson via Wikimedia Commons

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